Catalogue list of our excellent products.

Belt holsters

Shoulder holsters

Special accessories cases

Duty holsters

  • Pistol holsters with laser and light p.20-21
  • Holsters with auto security system DLB p.22-25
  • Holsters for sport shooting with DLS p.26
  • Tactical holsters p.27
  • Tactical hinge p.28
  • Tactical holsters p.29
  • Military holsters p.30
  • Tactical slings p.31
  • Discard bags p.31

Duty accessories

  • Mace/pepper spray holders p.32
  • Cases for torch p.32
  • Cases for knife p.33
  • Rotary loops p.33
  • Baton holders and rings p.33
  • Gloves holders p.33
  • Magazine pouches p.34
  • Handcuffs pouches p.35
  • Radio puuches p.35
  • Key ring holders p.36
  • Duty cases for documents p.36

Duty outfit and equipment

  • Tactical bag for protective mask p.37
  • Shooting bag p.37
  • Duty case p.37
  • Tactical vests p.38
  • Duty belts p.39
  • Shooting belt p.39
  • Trouser belts p.39
  • Transport cases tactical p.40

Hunting accessories

  • Shooters vest p.41
  • Rifle cartridge holders p.41
  • Hunting ammunition belts p.42
  • Hunting transport cases p.43

MOLLE Duty Accessories

  • MOLLE duty accessories p.44-45
  • Tactical vest Molle system p.46