About company

Dear customers,

Since 1992, DASTA is registered and protected trade mark and today this company is already traditional Czech producer. Its main activity is concentrated in development, production and sale of arm accessories – first of all nylon holsters for guns, accoutrement and accessories for armed forces together with accessories for hunters.

DASTA history begins in 1991 with origin of the physical persons association with the trade name Dana Staňková-DASTA with successful and very dynamic development from very origin. In 2004, this association has been transformed into new originated company DASTA s.r.o. taking over the whole production program with continuous development. In 2007 new modern premises were open in Prostějov – the town with a long time tradition in textile and tanning production of Moravian region.

The year 2021 is the year of the 30th anniversary of the company DASTA s.r.o.

At present time, company DASTA s.r.o. offers for its clients around 300 catalogue items. According to the complexity and production items, DASTA s.r.o. belongs already several years to the companies with the most comprehensive offer of this kind in the Czech Republic. Offer creates the whole production collection that is developed in a continuous and in such a way that it will satisfy the needs and requirements of the widest circle of users as from the civil sector so as from the armed forces.

Therefore, the company reserves its right to make such changes in the offer that lead to design, function characteristic improvement, or comfort increase in individual production items use.

DASTA - sport

Involves collection of belt and tactical nylon holsters divided into several independent categories – and other arm accessories determined first of all for civil sector but also for armed forces – first of all for concealed gun carrying.

DASTA - profi

Involves duty belt and tactical holsters, complete accoutrement items and accessories determined for professional armed forces – first of all for Police, Prison and Customs Service but also for Community Police or civil security agencies. User character and technical level of this category correspond with requirements determined for duty accessories and with the use in armed forces. Their quality is checked by many years use in armed forces of the Czech Republic and abroad. DASTA s.r.o. and its members cooperate closely on their development with many professionals from armed forces, especially in the framework of IPA (International Police Association) membership.

DASTA - l o v (hunting)

Involves basic hunting accessory and hunters items.

DASTA products are made from top domestic and foreign material incorporating health-safe substances only. Used material – together with modern way and production technology, together with many year experiences of our workers in this area of production, are the guarantee of high quality, comfort and long year durability of the whole collection.

The DASTA s.r.o company exports their products through both, the direct clients abroad and the domestic business partners to more than 40 countries.

Distribution and sale of company DASTA s.r.o. products is realized in domestic market exclusively through agreement wholesale partners, or through direct products delivery into chosen retail shops in the whole Czech Republic. The manufacturer also provides direct sale of products to the armed forces. The company´s headquarters is not shop and company does not sell products to individual customers.

The DASTA s.r.o. company appreciates both foreign and domestic business partners and customers continuing interests in DASTA branded products which makes it for further extension of our entire products offer by new product line that might be included in the catalogue.

Owing to the fact that the DASTA s.r.o. company releases their catalogues for a period of two years therefore new products shall be seen on www.dasta.cz website.

With kind regards,
Karel Staněk Managing director
DASTA s.r.o.